New Mythic “Hazed” Bottles!


Mythic Fam!

Exciting news!  Out with the old, in with the new!  Starting officially after today, Mythic Haze Vaping will be bottling our awesome e-juice in these special custom “hazed” out bottles.  Oh and let me tell you, they look amazing!!!

Some orders going out this week will still have the clear bottles, but don’t worry!  We have already begun bottling with the new hazed bottles and they are such an awesome fit for the brand.  We hope you love this new bottle as much as we do.


Also, the droppers have been upgraded to a more durable and lasting dropper.  We didn’t have any issues with the old ones, but we also aim to use the best equipment and literally the best everything we can afford to use.  As a consumer myself, I love the direction our company continues to go as we make changes.

If anyone has any issues with the new bottles or droppers, please let us know right away.  Our initial testing and use showed very positive feedback and functionality.  If you run into any issues, please email us right away at:

Mythic Haze Vaping Team

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